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[New features] April roundup

February 2, 2022
Freddie Peyerl
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Freddie Peyerl

In April, we gave you three more reasons to adopt Quiltt

There may have been recent shipping delays at the Suez Canal, but we've been building and shipping new features at full steam! From including pictures with push messages to country-specific adaptation of holidays and measurement units to syncing your activity calendar and daily menu with your website, it’s never been easier to communicate with residents, family members, and staff and provide them with all the information they are seeking.

April Highlights

Smile. Now include pictures with push messages

Sending group messages or targeted messages to a single user is convenient.

Sharing pictures with the community is nice.

But, attaching pictures to a group messages or targeted messages to a single user is great!

Now you can share pictures with residents, family, and staff by attaching them to a push message in the admin portal.

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O Canada

Last month we welcomed our first Canadian community, and with it, we added the ability to put your organization on the metric system (for weather) and show Canadian holidays in the activity calendar and on the mobile apps.

Just because the US is stuck on the Imperial system of measurement doesn't mean Quiltt needs to be.

What holiday do Canadians celebrate when the US observes Presidents' day? See the answer

Stay in sync

Nobody likes to do duplicate entry.  Now you can manage your activity calendar and/or daily menu in the Quiltt admin portal and sync all of it with your organization's website.

No more showing last months activity calendar or yesterday's menu on the website.  If it's been updated on Quiltt, it will be up to date on your website (along with digital signage, in-room media, and mobile apps.).

Best of all, if you're on our Pro Plan, there's not additional cost for this or any of the new features.

Contact us to set up website sync today →

Thanks to all of our current partners who requested these features.

Do you have more challenges at your senior living community that you think Quiltt can help solve? Let us know.  Our team loves building and releasing new features!

Did you miss the list of features we released in March?  Don't worry, you can see the full list here.