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Designed for independent living, assisted living, and memory care communities.
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Improve Community Engagement with Timely Push Messages

Enable effective and targeted communication with your residents and their families using Quiltt's easy-to-use push message feature. Keep everyone in the loop by sending important announcements, event updates, and reminders directly to their mobile devices. Our user-friendly interface makes it simple for staff to create and schedule messages, fostering a connected and informed community.

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Enhance Safety with Instant Emergency Alerts and Notifications

Ensure the well-being of your residents and staff with Quiltt's emergency alert system. In times of crisis, send critical information and instructions to all community members through the mobile app and digital signage. Our system is designed for prompt, reliable delivery, helping you maintain a safe and secure environment while providing peace of mind to residents and their families.

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Seamlessly Integrate Notifications on Mobile and Digital Signage

Synchronize your community's communications across all digital platforms with Quiltt's comprehensive notification system. Our solution enables you to display alerts and announcements on mobile devices and digital signage, ensuring everyone stays informed and engaged, regardless of their preferred communication channel. With Quiltt, you can consolidate your messaging efforts, saving valuable time and resources for your staff.

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Set Up Your Community's Messaging Channels

Begin by setting up your senior living community's messaging channels within the Quiltt platform. Our intuitive interface allows you to easily configure and customize mobile app push notifications and digital signage, ensuring that all your communication needs are met. With flexible options and user-friendly tools, you can create a personalized messaging experience for your community.


Create and Schedule Messages and Alerts

Using Quiltt's powerful content management system, effortlessly create and schedule messages, announcements, and emergency alerts. The platform offers a variety of customizable templates, making it simple for staff to craft engaging, informative content for residents and their families. Whether it's a last-minute event change or a scheduled maintenance reminder, Quiltt keeps your community connected and informed.

Monitor and Adjust Your Communications Strategy

Quiltt's built-in analytics and reporting tools empower you to monitor the effectiveness of your messaging efforts. Gain insights into engagement levels, message open rates, and user feedback to optimize your communication strategy. With Quiltt, you can make data-driven decisions to continually improve your community's experience, ensuring that your residents and their families feel connected, supported, and safe.


Keep everything in sync

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Community Apps

Ensure residents and their families stay informed and engaged, even on-the-go, with seamless push notifications delivered straight to their mobile devices.

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In-house TV channel

Enhance your community's communication by displaying important announcements, updates, and alerts on in-house TV screens, capturing the attention of residents and staff alike.

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Provide easy access to vital information and updates through your community's web app, allowing residents and their families to stay connected and informed from any device.

and everyone informed.

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Empower your residents with timely updates, notifications, and alerts, fostering a sense of belonging and confidence in your senior living community.

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Give families peace of mind by keeping them in the loop with important announcements, events, and safety updates, ensuring they feel connected and involved in their loved one's care.

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Streamline staff communication and coordination by providing essential information and updates, enabling them to efficiently serve your community and enhance resident satisfaction.

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