Connecting Senior Care Residents with Families and Caregivers

Residents like to plan their days, families want to be kept in the loop, and senior care facilities seek to provide the best care. Quiltt can help.
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How Quiltt can help residents

Share how you're feeling, whenever you'd like

There are times we feel social, and other times we need some space. Easily share with a tap.

Plan for upcoming activities and meals

See what's on the daily menu, and plan for your favorite events and activities.

Receive messages from the staff

Read updates directly in the Quiltt app about daily activities, visiting times, and more.

How Quiltt can help family

Know when to call or stop by for a visit

Quiltt lets you know when your relative shares that they're feeling social, or not.

View event and activity schedules

Find events you can attend, or just see the activities your loved one is enjoying.

Receive important messages and updates

Be kept in the loop through timely messages directly from staff or your family member.

How Quiltt can help caregivers

Know how residents are feeling day-to-day

When someone feels happy or social, they're more open to visits and care.

Track and report resident activity

Learn which events residents and families are most interested in attending.

Send messages to both residents and family

Easily reach residents and their families together, or separately, with important information.

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