The easiest way for residents, their families, and your staff to stay connected, engaged, and informed.

Connect the people who matter most

Your community is more than just the physical walls of the facility. It's the residents who call it home; it's the family members who put their trust in you and your team; it's the employees who strive to put others before themselves.  And keeping everyone connected is more important now than ever before.

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Increase resident and family satisfaction.

Building census is surely one of the most important responsibilities of every administrator. The battle for profitability begins and ends with occupancy. It drives the revenue. Quiltt's suite of solutions helps you increase resident engagement and family communication.

Engaged, informed, and happy residents (and family) results in less turnover, better reviews, and an increased census.

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Improve staff retention.

Direct-care workers have a plethora of jobs to choose from, from both inside and outside the industry, which makes it imperative for long-term care and senior living providers to make employee retention a top priority now and in the future.

Successful companies understand the value of their employees.  One of the most effective ways to strengthen employee engagement is to provide positive feedback and recognition for all types of contributions.

Give your staff the recognition they deserve and tools they need to help them spend less time on the repetitive tasks and more time on resident care and wellness.

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Eliminate unnecessary expenses.

Simple but common tasks such as manual creation, entry, and distribution of activity calendars, daily menus, newsletters, and more can steal enormous amounts of staff time away from caregiving and resident attention. Inefficient processes can overload work for staff, contributing to an already problematic burnout & turnover problem, which again impacts resident care.

Quiltt's suite of solutions can eliminate these inefficiencies and costs to help your organization improve operational efficiency and profitability

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How it works:

Admin Portal

Quiltt's cloud-native 'Command Center' application gives your team the ability to add, update, and delete content from anywhere. Access the platform from your office, home, or on the road from any internet connected browser on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile device.

Admin portal to control all the information across the Quiltt platform
Deliver Quiltt content directly to resident rooms and homes

Signage and in-room media

Quiltt offers your organization the ability to deliver all of your important information to common area TVs throughout your facility.

In addition, we know not all residents use mobile devices. In this case, all the information can be delivered directly to residents' televisions in their rooms.

Engage your entire community

Quiltt is a simple, beautiful way to engage your entire community. We make it easy for residents, family members, and staff to share information with everyone who's important in their lives.

The web portal connects members of communities and ensures knowledge is available, regardless of location or internet connection.

Senior living software for multiple platforms including web, tablets, and mobile
Senior living apps for residents, family, and staff

Mobile apps

iPhone and Android compatible apps from Quiltt are designed to provide a user experience that is tailored to each individual's role.

Quiltt's mobile apps have been designed to meet the unique needs of residents, family and staff.

It’s easy to customize each audience’s view with a combination of shared and unique content.

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Our families love it!

Quiltt has been a wonderful tool in connecting with our family members! Our families have been tortured by the mandates limiting visitations and this APP helps us share in the moment with them. The team can upload photos, we can send out notifications to families with updates, they can RSVP for FaceTime appointments or outside visits, plus they see the menu and activities calendar, which gives them conversation starters that help distract from the reason they can’t visit.

Leslie Elevbak-Powell - Milestone Retirement Communities
Leslie Symonds, MS, CMDCP
Milestone Retirement Communities

A great tool!

Quiltt provides a great platform to be able to send out emergency alerts or notifications to our residents.

Tyler Anderson - Brookdale user of senior living software and senior living app
Tyler Anderson
Brookdale, Executive Director

Life changing!

Quiltt has been growing and changing and accommodating to our needs. It has been life changing for our family!!

Elaine Bridges user of senior living software and senior living app
Elaine Bridges
Family User

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