Experience the Joy of Sharing Memories with Photo Albums

Quiltt's Album Feature is an innovative way for senior living communities to connect with their residents, families, and staff. With the Quiltt mobile app and web app, communities can create albums to share photos of special moments, events, and activities with those who matter most.

Designed for independent living, assisted living, and memory care communities.

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Five printed photos spread out on a surfaceQuiltt photo album interface in the admin portal.Quiltt mobile app showing a photo of a parkQuiltt mobile app showing an array of photo albums
Quiltt photo album interface in the admin portal.

Effortlessly Share Memories Across Your Community

Quiltt's Album Feature makes it incredibly easy to create albums, add and sort photos, and share them with anyone across your community. With just a few clicks, you can upload photos to your album and share them with residents, staff, and family members. You have complete control over who can view and share your photos. Plus, our intuitive interface allows you to sort and organize your photos in a snap. Say goodbye to complicated photo sharing platforms and hello to effortless community connection with Quiltt's photo albums.

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Quiltt mobile app showing an array of photo albums

Stay Connected with Your Community's Shared Memories - Anytime, Anywhere

With Quiltt's Album Feature, it's never been easier for residents, family, and staff to view albums that have been shared with them. Our mobile app and web app allow you to access your community's shared memories anytime, anywhere. You can browse through albums and even download individual pictures to keep for yourself. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for everyone to stay connected and engaged with their community, no matter where they are. With Quiltt's photo albums, you'll never miss a precious moment or memory again.

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Strengthen Community Engagement with Easy Sharing of Quiltt Albums

Quiltt's Photo Album allows residents, family, and staff to not only view but also download and share albums they have access to, improving community engagement. Our easy-to-use mobile app and web app enable you to download and share albums with your loved ones with just a few taps. You can share your community's memories on social media or through messaging apps, keeping everyone in the loop and creating a sense of togetherness. By sharing photos and memories, you'll enhance communication, foster community engagement, and create a more meaningful experience for all.

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Select photos, drag and drop them into the album, and then set the visibility settings.

Quiltt photo album interface with printed photos.
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Share with everyone

Share the photo albums with residents and their families through Quiltt's mobile app, website sync, and in-house TV channel syncing.

Need to download a copy? Quiltt's got you covered. Downloading is just one click away.

Monitor analytics & collect engagement

Measure and analyze engagement across the community through the platform's integration with many of the tools you're already using, allowing you to make data-driven decisions about your community's engagement strategy.

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Keep everything in sync

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Community Apps

Everyone can stay up-to-date with everything happening across the community, with the ability to view and sync the photo albums directly to their mobile devices.

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In-house TV channel

Keep residents engaged by syncing the albums to the in-house TV channel, ensuring that all the memories are always top-of-mind.

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Web app

By syncing the photos directly to the web app, residents without a mobile device have access to all the same things.

and everyone informed.

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Keep senior living residents engaged through easy-to-use tools and personalized photo sharing.

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Allows family members to stay connected with their loved ones and stay up-to-date on on all the memories.

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Streamline administrative tasks, allowing staff to spend more time engaging with residents.

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