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At Quiltt, we understand the importance of building trust and transparency in senior living communities. Our cutting-edge senior living software is designed to seamlessly connect residents, families, and staff, fostering an environment where everyone feels engaged and empowered
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Key Features

Discover our comprehensive suite of essential tools designed to enhance resident engagement, streamline communication, and foster a thriving senior living community, all within one powerful platform.

Activity Planning

Simplify event organization with our intuitive activity planning feature, ensuring residents always have engaging and exciting experiences.
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Activity Tracking

Monitor resident participation and adjust activities for maximum engagement with our comprehensive activity tracking tools.
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Discover Quiltt's cutting-edge communication modules designed for senior living communities, offering push messages, emergency alerts, and notifications on mobile and digital signage.
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Daily Menu

Delight your residents' taste buds with customizable daily menus, accommodating diverse dietary needs and preferences for a satisfying dining experience.
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Keep residents entertained and informed with our diverse media library, including movies, music, and educational content, fostering a vibrant community atmosphere.
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Photo Albums

Cherish and share precious memories with user-friendly digital photo albums, promoting social connection and creating a sense of belonging among residents.
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Pulse Surveys

Gain valuable insights with real-time pulse surveys, allowing you to address residents' concerns and improve their overall experience.
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Streamline visit booking and event RSVPs with our user-friendly reservations system, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience for residents and staff alike.
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Staff Appreciation

Boost morale and recognize your dedicated team members with our staff appreciation feature, fostering a positive work environment and exceptional care for residents.
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The Engagement Bundle, available through Quiltt, offers residents a comprehensive resource to support their wellness journey across six dimensions of wellness. With a wide array of content from industry-leading providers, users can easily access tools and information tailored to their needs, all streamlined through a single Quiltt sign-in. This integration ensures a seamless experience, allowing users to focus on their wellness journey without the hassle of managing multiple accounts.
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Mobile Apps

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Digital Signage

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Web Apps

Content Management

Multichannel Connectivity

Quiltt's senior living software is designed to seamlessly integrate with a variety of communication channels, ensuring that everyone in your community can stay connected and engaged, regardless of their preferred method of interaction. Our platform supports mobile devices, web access, digital signage, and content management systems, providing a unified communication and engagement experience across multiple touchpoints. By offering a consistent and accessible experience through different channels, Quiltt ensures that residents, families, and staff can easily access the information and resources they need, whenever and wherever they need them.

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Comprehensive Communication

Our senior living communication software is a vital component of the Quiltt platform, addressing the need for effective, timely, and transparent communication in senior living communities. With Quiltt, residents, families, and staff can effortlessly exchange information, share updates, and coordinate activities through a centralized system. This comprehensive approach to communication not only simplifies daily interactions but also reinforces trust and confidence in your community's management, ensuring a harmonious environment for everyone involved.

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Enhanced Engagement

Quiltt's senior living engagement software is designed to promote social interaction and involvement, helping residents stay connected and active in their community. By offering a wide range of tools and features, including event scheduling, interest-based groups, and activity tracking, our senior living software encourages participation and fosters a sense of belonging. This focus on engagement translates into happier, healthier residents who feel valued and supported by their community.

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User-Friendly Interface

At Quiltt, we believe that senior living software should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their technical proficiency. That's why we've developed an intuitive, user-friendly interface that makes it easy for residents, families, and staff to navigate and interact with our platform. With straightforward features and clear instructions, our senior living communication and engagement software ensures that everyone can stay connected and informed, without the stress of learning a complicated new system.

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Secure & Reliable

At Quiltt, we understand the importance of safeguarding your community's sensitive data. Our senior living software employs industry-leading security measures to protect your residents', families', and staff's personal information. With a focus on reliability, we ensure that our platform remains up and running, providing uninterrupted access to the communication and engagement tools your community relies on. By prioritizing both security and dependability, Quiltt helps you build a foundation of trust within your senior living community.

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Customizable Solutions

Every senior living community is unique, with its own set of needs and priorities. Quiltt's customizable features and modules allow you to tailor our senior living software to perfectly align with your organization's requirements. From personalized branding and interface design to selecting specific communication and engagement tools, our flexible platform ensures that you have the right combination of features to support your community's goals and objectives.

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Our families love it!

Quiltt has been a wonderful tool in connecting with our family members! Our families have been tortured by the mandates limiting visitations and this APP helps us share in the moment with them. The team can upload photos, we can send out notifications to families with updates, they can RSVP for FaceTime appointments or outside visits, plus they see the menu and activities calendar, which gives them conversation starters that help distract from the reason they can’t visit.

Leslie Elevbak-Powell - Milestone Retirement Communities
Leslie Symonds, MS, CMDCP
Milestone Retirement Communities

A great tool!

Quiltt provides a great platform to be able to send out emergency alerts or notifications to our residents.

Tyler Anderson - Brookdale user of senior living software and senior living app
Tyler Anderson
Brookdale, Executive Director

Life changing!

Quiltt has been growing and changing and accommodating to our needs. It has been life changing for our family!!

Elaine Bridges user of senior living software and senior living app
Elaine Bridges
Family User

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are hesitating, do not worry - we are here to explain
everything you might want to know. Let us help!

What is Quiltt and why would I need this at my community?
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Quiltt is a simple to use resident engagement, family communication, and operational efficiency platform that helps long-term care organizations (independent living, assisted living, memory care, and continuing care retirement communities, also known as CCRCs) contain costs by building a stronger census, improving staff retention, and eliminating unnecessary expenses to improve profitability.

Quiltt is a leading assisted living software and app solution with a range of tools, including activity planning & tracking, reservations, staff appreciation, in-room media, surveys, and much more, Quiltt resident engagement and family communication software solution makes it easy for you to communicate all the relevant information about your community to residents, family, and staff through a mobile app (Anrdoid and iOS), laptop/desktop, and directly into all resident rooms.

How long will it take you to get my community set up?
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We make every effort to get your community activated within 72 hours.  Most of the time, we'll have you up and running within an hour from receiving all the necessary community information including contact information, images of the community, logo, reservation schedules, integration credentials, and admin users.  As soon as we activate your community, you will have the ability to add users, activities, meals, media, and more.  From there, it's up to you how quickly you want to roll it out to residents, family members, and staff.

How much does Quiltt cost?
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We offer three different plans, Essentials (free-forever), Pro ($499/month/community) and Enterprise (varies based on your specific situation). The best part about the pricing of our assisted living software is that there are no limits on the number of users and, for Pro and Enterprise subscribers, all of the new features we develop are added to your plan at no additional cost. We hate getting "nickel and dimed" and we promise not to do it to you.

Where will I get trained to use the system and who will train my staff?
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Quiltt is a simple to use communication system that uses familiar web and mobile interfaces. That being said, we're here to help you with any training and onboarding needs you have. We offer several training options and support materials including hands-on training, in-person or via video calls and lots of tutorial videos. Need more training for new staff, no problem; just reach out to us and our team would be happy to set up something that works best for you.