Let us change the way you communicate with your community!

Our mission is simple: We're on a quest to ensure everyone in your community (residents, family & staff) feels known, loved and connected.

About Us

Quiltt is a technology company with a mission to connect the lives of seniors and their families. We're building products that help senior living communities engage with residents, improve care, and build trust from the ground up. Quiltt's mobile apps allow staff members to send messages or pictures straight to resident phones or tablets as well as receive alerts when they need assistance. In-room screens help manage activities by displaying information about them in common areas for all to see. And digital signage helps residents feel connected by sharing updates on events happening inside and outside of the community.

Freddie Peyerl, CEO & co-founder
Freddie Peyerl, PhD, MBA
founder & President
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I grew up in a household where my parents owned two small assisted living facilities in Albuquerque, NM. Watching them care for their residents while running a business, I became intrigued with the healthcare space. I also took note of some of the daily challenges and frustrations my parents and their staff faced: staff turnover, resident retention, communication with families, and much more- all while trying to ensure the best possible care for the people trusting them to do so.

My interest in healthcare never went away, and in fact it led me on a journey to earn a PhD in Virology from Harvard Medical School, and then spend over 15 years working as a partner in a healthcare management consulting firm based in Boston. I enjoyed my time working with various pharmaceutical, medical device, and diagnostic companies helping them move various products through the life cycle continuum with an emphasis on real-world evidence and health economics.

Ultimately, I left healthcare to follow a dream of building a technology company with a purpose of helping various types of organizations improve communication with their client base. My time in the software world has taught me just how possible it is to solve problems of all types through technology solutions, and I have experienced great emotional reward from seeing our clients benefit from the products we bring to life for them.

After successfully building communications platforms in other industries, my passion for healthcare, my memories from growing up around senior care, and the resources I had within our company came together and motivated me to build a product that would help senior care organizations solve many of the challenges I watched my parents face. This was the birth of Quiltt.

Quiltt is a product designed specifically for the Senior Care space, to help operators improve operational efficiency, increase resident occupancy levels, amplify family communications, reduce employee turnover, and save money. I am proud of the platform we have built, the results we have seen, and the partnerships we have formed with our subscribing communities.

Thank you for your interest in Quiltt! Please reach out to me anytime to connect, learn more, and partner together.