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[New features] March roundup

February 2, 2022
Freddie Peyerl
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Freddie Peyerl

Whether you’re looking to ensure staff know their work and contributions are not going unnoticed, you're interested in messaging individual Quiltt users, simply and easily uploading the weekly menu to share with everyone or deploying surveys to residents, family, or staff – there’s something here for you!

March Highlights

Give your staff the recognition they deserve

Your employees do incredible work every day. With Quiltt, you can ensure it doesn't go unnoticed.

The Senior Care industry is frequently challenged by high staff turnover and retention rates, with an average of 50% according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This can cause burnout on remaining over-worked staff, it can have a negative affect on employee culture, and can even impact the quality of care. Now residents, their family members, and even other staff members & management can show appreciation and recognition for caregivers- leading to happier, more motivated staff.

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Send group messages or a message to one person

From fire drills, elopement situations, weather closures, and outbreak notices, our emergency & alert messaging feature has you covered. Choose from alerting residents, family members, and staff in any combination or all of them simultaneously.

Now you can even send a message to one single user or a select group of users (i.e. an entire family).

Desired parties will be alerted to your important message on their smartphones & tablets immediately, and desired messaging can also be broadcast on common area displays & in-room TVs throughout your facility to ensure visibility and awareness.

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Menu uploads from Excel

The secret of success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside.

- Mark Twain

We know not everyone is using a menu planning solution at their facility.  Rather than add one meal at a time, we've got a new solution for uploading a weeks worth of meals at a time from a standard Excel template.  Best of all, it's super fast so you and your team can spend more time enjoying mealtime with residents.

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Direct different surveys to different user groups

Surveys - Give us your feedback

Quiltt now offers an expanded Survey feature which allows you and your team to quickly and easily deploy surveys to different Quiltt user groups across your community.

Want to know how residents feel about a new transportation service?

Would family members recommend your community to their friends and family?

How do staff like the new appreciation and incentive plan you just launched?

With Quiltt Surveys, you can now collect feedback and answers to any questions you want, directly from the mobile app.

If a family member expresses strong support for your community, follow up with them and request a public review on Google, Yelp, or any other review platform you're using.

Managing your online reputation paramount. Don't wait for the reviews to go public, be proactive and collect the ongoing feedback you're seeking.

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