Ten tools to improve resident engagement and family communication

Mobile device showing reservations feature


  • In-person visits
  • Window and video visits
  • Amenities
  • Transportation

Operators can set reservation types, available time blocks, and capacity and much more. Residents and families easily book visits with just a couple of clicks in the mobile app, while facility staff can easily track & view upcoming reservations from the mobile app or Command Center.

Deliver Quiltt content directly to resident rooms and homes

In-Room Media

Allow residents to check upcoming events & dining menus, watch video messaging from staff, enjoy custom programming from the facility, and even do workouts crafted specifically for seniors, plus other useful content right from their room. Residents can feel connected to their community and stay engaged.

Admin portal to control all the information across the Quiltt platform

Activity Planning and Tracking

Activity planning is an important initiative each week. It can be time consuming, and organization can be difficult. Without the right resources, activity directors lose time for other responsibilities such as resident care or staff management. Our simple, intuitive command center allows you to easily schedule & plan activities while keeping residents & families updated and informed at all times.

Beautiful calendars created in just a click

Some residents shy away from the use of technology for one reason or another. For these folks, it’s important to have printed versions of activity calendars. But the print-outs shouldn’t just be run-of-the-mill pages that inspire no excitement. Good senior living software enables activity directors to quickly and easily mock up fun, seasonal designs on these printed materials, creating buzz for upcoming events. With 100s of themes to choose from, Quiltt's calendar is unmatched.

Conduct surveys with the Quiltt platform to collect feedback from residents, family, and staff.


Quiltt now offers an expanded Survey feature which allows you and your team to quickly and easily deploy surveys to different Quiltt user groups across your community. What to know how residents feel about a new transportation service? Would family members recommend your community to their friends and family? How do staff like the new appreciation and incentive plan you just launched? With Quiltt Surveys, you can now collect feedback and answers to any questions you want, directly from the mobile app. If a family member expresses strong support for your community, follow up with them and request a public review on Google, Yelp, or any other review platform you're using. Managing your online reputation paramount. Don't wait for the reviews to go public, be proactive and collect the ongoing feedback you're seeking.

Mobile device showing daily menu

Daily Menus

Menu planning can be challenging, but it offers significant value for families & residents. A favorite of many of our facility partners, our menu planning and calendar feature improves operational efficiency for staff by making scheduling easy, reducing phone calls & emails, increases transparency, and promotes engagement from both families and residents.

Are you using a third-party for menu planning (for example Grove Menus)? We can integrate this data directly into the Quiltt platform so you can avoid any duplicate entry.

Want to upload your menus directly to Quiltt? Not a problem, we provide a Excel-based menu template that allows you to customize and upload a weeks worth of meals at a time.

Mobile device showing an emergency alert

Emergency Alerts and Messaging

From fire drills, elopement situations, weather closures, and outbreak notices, our emergency & alert messaging feature has you covered. Choose from alerting residents, family members, and staff in any combination or all. Desired parties will be alerted to your important message on their smartphones & tablets immediately, and desired messaging can also be broadcast on common area displays & in-room TVs throughout your facility to ensure visibility and awareness.

Mobile device showing photo albums feature

Photo Albums

Our photo album feature allows staff to upload and share photos of residents, highlighting their daily activities and friends, and provides families comfort, access, and insight they wouldn't have otherwise. All album features are made available for mobile and tablet devices, while select features and content can be displayed across onsite digital signage. Viewers can easily and securely download select photos and share with others via their smartphone device or tablet.

Mobile device showing staff appreciation awards

Staff Appreciation

The Senior Care industry is frequently challenged by high staff turnover and retention rates, with an average of 50% according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This can cause burnout on remaining over-worked staff, it can have a negative affect on employee culture, and can even impact the quality of care. Now residents, their family members, and even other staff members & management can show appreciation and recognition for caregivers- leading to happier, more motivated staff.

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Integrated with the tools you already use

Quiltt has integrated with the tools you already use including PointClickCare and Grove Menus. With Quiltt's various integrations, you can seamlessly pull and push information between various systems and eliminate the need for duplicate entry.

Looking for more integrations, reach out and let us know what you're using and we'll let you know if we already have an integration set up. If we don't yet have one for your tool(s), rest assured we're always adding more.