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February 2, 2022
Garin Gustafson
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Garin Gustafson

Senior Care facility operators are trying their best to limit and prevent the spread of coronavirus to their residents, a demographic deemed by the CDC as the most vulnerable population given the infectious and mortality rate of Covid-19. In managing this risk, community residents’ social interaction has been scaled back significantly with no or limited visitations, in room meals only and a limited activity and event calendar. 

Quiltt, a new communication platform for Senior Care communities, aims to better inform, connect and engage the families and loved ones of Senior Care residents. While the app features calendars for activities and menus, push notifications, site maps, pulse surveys etc, Quiltt recently released a new reservation feature. This new reservation feature allows families to schedule either Window Visits or Video Visits. Operators can set visit types, available time blocks, and capacity and families can book visits with just  a couple of clicks.

“New to this industry, but experienced leaders in communication platforms, we’ve enjoyed collaborating with our partners to better understand their needs as they continue to grow and change rapidly during this Covid-19 era,” said CEO Fred Peyerl of Alpine Media Technology, the parent tech company that developed Quiltt. “Automating the window visit reservations has been an extremely useful tool for our partners allowing them to maintain operational efficiency and focus on resident care.

With Senior residents already suffering from isolation due to CDC social distancing guidelines, Window Visits may just be the best and only remedy for the near future. According to a recent study by Health Affairs, loneliness and social isolation have been associated with increased risk for several chronic conditions among Seniors. Among Medicare beneficiaries, social isolation is the cause of $6.7 billion in additional healthcare costs each year.

How are you connecting with your loved ones? If their Senior community doesn’t have a Window Visit scheduling tool, tell them about Quiltt and their 60 day Free Trial offer. For more information contact Quiltt HERE to schedule your video demo today. 

Schedule Window Visits with the Quiltt app. For Senior Living Communities