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February 2, 2022
Garin Gustafson
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Garin Gustafson

Quiltt has recently integrated with Grove Menus to deliver a full menu feature for its Senior Care communication platform. Now residents and their families can be well informed of the daily menu as well as for meals days and weeks planned ahead. As meals are added to the menu, Quiltt's menu feature is updated in real time allowing families not only transparency into the variety and nutritional value of the meals, but can also assist with visits scheduled around specific meals and times.

For Seniors who may be limited to certain activities, meal time is a popular social setting for residents. For three times a day, they have an opportunity to socialize over a meal with other residents, family members and even staff. Equally important is the quality of nutrition residents are offered. According to reports by World Health Organization (WHO), a majority of the diseases that older people suffer are directly linked to poor diets and lack of nutrition.

With this menu feature, facilities can reduce concerns as well as potential calls and emails from families and loved ones with questions related to the menu and meal times. Transparency and communication is now more important than ever for a group defined as the most vulnerable and isolated due to Covid-19 policies.

Quiltt is cross-platform accessible, available for mobile (iOS and Android), desktop, and digital signage displays, allowing for real-time, relevant information to be accessed by residents, their families and staff. While the menu feature is clearly one of the more popular features of the app, Quiltt also provides calendars for activities and events, facility contact information and maps, weather and more. Operators can message specific groups or the specific loved ones of the residents.  

Does your loved one's facility offer an app like Quiltt? Let our team know and we'll reach out direct as we support our mission to aid in Senior care communication and resident engagement.