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Family engagement with photo albums

February 2, 2022
Garin Gustafson
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Garin Gustafson

Quiltt, a resident engagement and communication platform for Senior Living communities, continues to release new and helpful features to better connect families with their loved ones and improve operational efficiency.

Quiltt has recently released a new photo album feature which allows staff to upload and share photos of residents highlighting their daily activities and friends. With visitation restrictions and limited social activity as of late, this photo album feature provides families comfort and access they wouldn't have otherwise.

With Quiltt, all features are made available for mobile and tablet devices, while select features and content play on a loop displayed across onsite digital signage. While all three groups, residents, their families and staff, have access to the platform, only the Senior Living staff have access to the command center where the majority of information get's uploaded and managed.

Once in the command center: 

  • Staff can create albums & upload photos of the Senior residents. Photos of specific events, activities or just a happy smile of a resident receiving care or visit.
  • Updates are then shared via notifications and accessible to families and residents via the home screen
  • Families can then select among the available albums to view their loved one's photos.
  • Viewers can also download select photos and easily share with others via their smart phone device or tablet.

For a video tutorial of this Feature, see CEO and Founder of Quiltt Freddie Peyerl explain further:

"We believe this will improve the quality of life for residents, engage their families and promote transparency for the Senior facility operators," said Freddie Peyerl, CEO of Alpine Media Technology, the app development company for Quiltt, HOAM and the Alpine Media platform. "The majority of families and friends do not see their loved ones often and providing them access to photos should help them stay better connected."

With mobile push notifications, families will be directly notified when photos are uploaded and available. They won't have to wait for a newsletter, check the website nor Facebook page. They can also easily download photos to their phone or tablet and quickly share.

Quiltt is made free to all residents and their families and is available in both the App store and Google play. IOS and Android accessible. If you have a loved one currently living in a Senior Care community or wait listed, be sure to ask what app they provide. We believe communication is the key to improving quality life, active aging, resident engagement and operational efficiency. Here are just a few of Quiltt's many other great features and available content: