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Reduce liability for Senior Care communities.

February 2, 2022
Garin Gustafson
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Garin Gustafson

Quiltt, a leading communication platform for Senior Care communities, has teamed up with OmniSure, a provider of risk management consulting services for the Senior Care industry. Together, the two companies plan to leverage their services across their current and new partners, adding significant value to their overall offering. 

The partnership includes integrating OminSure’s RiskFit® resource into the Quiltt platform and providing it to all facilities using Quiltt. RiskFit® an online tool that helps reduce professional risk for Senior Care community operators, will now be an additional Risk Management resource for Quiltt’s partners. For example, The RiskFit® helpline can help Quiltt’s senior care community partners with questions about their professional practice, risk mitigation, and regulatory-related issues. 

“Our Pandemic Responsive OffSight™ Risk Assessments have identified a real need in senior living for communication platforms that are both high tech and high touch,” said  Michelle Foster Earle, CEO of OmniSure. “This is especially true when families and staff need critical, transparent, and time-sensitive information at their fingertips. In a crisis, calling each family member individually by phone can be inefficient and less effective. Quiltt’s platform fixes that problem.” 

Quiltt already includes many great features to help caregivers, residents and their loved ones stay better connected and engaged all while improving overall operational efficiency.  With menu and activity calendars, push notifications, site maps, weather and now the ability to schedule Window and Video visits, operators can keep the families of their residents properly and promptly informed. 

With the majority of litigation, 85%, coming from the families of the residents, it's important to not only communicate timely and thoroughly with this group but to maintain the utmost transparency as well. “According to OmniSure, approximately 80% of all litigation involves breakdowns in communication.” 

“We aim to fill a gap for an industry where communication is paramount, especially in the new Covid-19 era” said Freddie Peyerl, the CEO of Alpine Media Technology, the parent tech company which developed Quiltt. “Operators can now get out communication effectively and efficiently to all key stakeholders.” 

About Quiltt: The Alpine Media Technology team, a leader in guest communication software, developed Quiltt- a web based software platform (SaaS), which delivers real-time information and updates enhancing the way residents, families and staff are informed about relevant, community news. Thus improving overall communication, resident engagement, and operational efficiency. Quiltt’s push messaging capabilities ensure targeted recipients are notified properly and timely. Quiltt is cross-platform accessible, available for mobile (iOS and Android), desktop, and digital signage displays. Quiltt helps optimize your communication strategy, leading to increased satisfaction for residents, families, and staff. To learn more, visit  

About OmniSure Consulting Group: For specialty healthcare, senior care, and insurance managers seeking insights from experts who are responsive and committed to improving care and reducing loss experience, OmniSure is a clinical risk services partner who helps protect businesses with the deep expertise of a diverse network of specialists, proprietary resources and easy-to-use tools. Unlike other firms, whose independent subcontractors do one-time risk assessments and move on, OmniSure stays engaged to help identify and address issues throughout the year.