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[McKnight's Senior Living] Big hair rock bands, fanny packs and printed monthly newsletters

January 19, 2023
Gerrit Vandekemp
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Gerrit Vandekemp

Why does a senior care industry article have  hair bands, fanny packs, and printed monthly newsletters in it? What could they possibly have in common?

Are they all things that I adore? 

This article isn’t about me, but let’s start with the obvious anyway: I have a not so guilty pleasure love for late 80’s and early 90’s Hair Metal (the proper term). And while I still love grunge too, I still haven’t totally forgiven it for knocking hair metal from arena headliner status down to county fair slot filler. Thank goodness for the nostalgic comeback in recent years that has put such bands back into stadiums and arenas where they belong. Fanny packs? I understand them, but have never been able to do that to myself or others with me in public. Printed newsletters? No, and a huge motivating factor for this article. But as I mentioned: this article isn’t about me- so let’s move on.    

Are they all things that seniors themselves adore? 

Printed newsletters, most likely yes (although adore may be an overstatement). For many seniors, it’s a method they are long used to when it comes to getting information. Additionally, it’s always nice to receive something in the mail not asking you to do a reverse mortgage, pay your AARP dues, or switch Medicare Supplemental insurance plans.  Fanny packs? No doubt, yes. Anything THAT practical is an absolute yes for people 60 and older (possibly a great stowaway compartment for medication, coin change holders, and hard peppermint candies). Hair Metal bands? Almost assuredly no, although visions of Frizzy-Haired Fridays or Leather & Stud Saturdays in the recreation area leaves a lot to the imagination.

Are they all things that Senior Care facilities adore?

Hair Metal bands? Independent studies have been inconclusive, but I believe that no human can deny an affinity for at least one song from this genre. Fanny Packs? Potentially, but most likely only at work and only while making rounds. Printed newsletters? Clearly, yes. The percentage of Senior Care facilities using printed and mailed newsletters is overwhelmingly high and repeats the motivation for this article. 

So, what’s the answer? What do they all have in common?

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