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February 2, 2022
Garin Gustafson
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Garin Gustafson

Choosing the right assisted living facility is important given the substantial wait times for relocating. Up to 180 days in some cases and expected to increase given the influx of American seniors over the next 20 years.  Make sure the community you & your loved one chooses has technology like the Quiltt app to keep you informed about your loved one. See how the Quiltt app supports the 5 latest trends in assisted living communities

1. Diet and nutrition are key to preserving health and longevity. 

Not only are meals popular social outings for assisted living residents they are important for sustaining and improving overall health status. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), a majority of the diseases older people suffer are linked to poor diet and nutrition. Facilities are challenged with keeping food costs low while still maintaining both quality and pleasurable dining experiences for their residents. And let’s not forget the importance of taste and menu variety. The Quiltt app displays the weekly menu so you can see what type of nutrition your loved ones are receiving and perhaps what meals you'd like to join for. 

2. Active aging is paramount

The World Health Organization identifies active aging as “the process of optimizing opportunities for health, participation, and security to enhance the quality of life as people age.” As older adults search for an enriching life in their golden years, active aging is perhaps the latest shift. The Quiltt app supports this trend by providing daily and weekly activities. See what mom and dad can participate in and see when you might be able to join as well with Quiltt’s calendar feature. And remember, just because the schedule might be full doesn’t isn’t a guarantee residents will show. A little nudge or reminder from family members can help. 

3. The role of technology for high-tech care

Which assisted living facilities are taking advantage of all the available tech-care solutions? From medication management systems to health monitoring and wearables to telehealth, the Quillt app plays a complementary role. It’s unique messaging platform makes it a leader in the communication space by allowing the families of the residents to be better informed while many of the other tech solutions are used more for internal management use among admin and caretakers. Quiltt offers a unique way to message various user groups onsite and offsite; the operators, caretakers, residents, families and friends. 

Senior Care Communities: Resident Engagement

4. Real-time information and transparency

In so many cases it’s the families themselves that not only play a crucial role in the selection process but in the financial investment as well. Quiltt’s messaging system aims to ensure real-time relevant messaging is delivered to the key stakeholders as many families of loved ones do not reside in the same cities or even the same state. The Quillt messaging content spans from general news to resident-specific news with full transparency in mind. 

Push messaging not only promotes a proactive communication approach but ensures a higher delivery rate as texts and emails are subject to spam filters and websites and facebook pages require the users to seek the messaging. 

With wait lists as great or greater than the actual resident total, this type of messaging and transparency is not only a great way to support retention but acquisition as well. Plans can change over the course of several years and the operators who promote Quiltt’s type of communication system can increase loyalty from residents and prospects alike. Some facilities are now servicing as deep as 3rd and 4th generations of families with close friends joining as well. 

5. Resident engagement

With families being the primary users of the Quiltt mobile app, the residents and staff have mobile app access as well, including access to Quiltt’s content loop played across the facilities digital signage network. Large TV screens are located in common areas such as dining rooms and lobbies and help remind staff and residents of the day's happenings thus promoting great engagement and participation from the residents. 

Think of it as the weekly newspaper, monthly newsletter and daily bulletin packaged up and delivered in one condensed, consistent digital format updating every minute of the day accessed and available to all.